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Oasis foundation : Activities



1998-2005 ACTIVITIES

Authorized budgets for the Oasis Foundation from beginning  of operations have been the following:


$ 1,114,110


$ 2,127,900


$ 1,964,000


$ 2,808,000


$ 1,500,000


$ 1,500,000


$ 1,500,000


$ 1,868,000


$ 14,382,010


The most important activities have been the following:

1.- Backing of organizations which work on special education and community development  

 Research for the beginning of operations.
In 1998  research was made to locate and classify all the NGOs whose programmes were directed towards minors, in Quintana Roo, mainly the ones concentrated in special education. 25 of them were spotted and institutional contacts were established as well as initial help agreements. 

 Manantial AC Center for therapeutic help.
Its objective is to offer psychological advice to families and couples suffering from intra-family violence, they have received a monthly donation from 1998.

 MESE, A.C. (Charity)                                                                   
In 1998 began the support for the integration of minors from low income families to school, with the allotment of a monthly donation.   

Programa de Desnutrición, A.C.  (Malnutrition programme)
This program distributes milk to communities and areas where children have malnutrition problem.  It has been receiving a monthly donation since 1998.    

Fundación Pro-Síndrome De Down, A.C. (Down’s Syndrome)
This foundation has the objective of caring for minors with Down’s Syndrome.  

Educación Especial Louis Pasteur, A.C. (Special Education)
It cared for minors and teenagers with mental palsy from 1998 until 2004. It stopped working in 2005 and will re-start in 2006. A monthly stipend has already been programmed.

Asociación Pro-Niños Excepcionales, A.C. ( Cerebral Palsy and Neuromotor Problems )
This Association  helps boys and girls with  cerebral palsy and  neuromotor and behavioural  problems , and offers therapies to the children of the Oasis employee program ( for  children and worker’s families) 

Patronato de Parálisis Cerebral, A.C. (Cerebral Palsy Charity)
It offers therapies and physical rehabilitation to cerebral palsy patients.

APAFHDEM, A.C. (Cerebral Palsy and Down’s Syndrome)
Caters to minors  with cerebral palsy , Down’s syndrome and learning problems, and offers therapies to develop their productive abilities for their integration to society operating a piñata shop   ( colorful candy stuffed pots) .

FUNDAGEN, A.C. (Hospital).
Women and children’s hospital (birth studies group) gave doctor’s attention to low income pregnant women and received a monthly donation from 1998 through 2004 when it closed doors.

Asociación De Ayuda a Niños con Trastornos en el Desarrollo, A.C. ASTRA        (Association  for the help of children with developmental disorders.)
Treating and supporting children with autism. Receiving a monthly donation since 1998.

Defensa de los Derechos Humanos de la Mujer y del Menor Desvalido, A.C. (La Casita  ) Women’s and  Disabled Children’s Human Rights Protection (La Casita)

Attention to the abandoned or victims of violence whether suffering boys girls and women, received a monthly donation from 1998 though 2004 when it was withdrawn because of institutional mismanagement.

Casa Hogar San José (home for the homeless)
Catering for abandoned boys and girls , received a monthly donation during 2002 after which  it became the REMAR center (next).

2.- Health care programs help.

The Oasis Foundation has supported the following health programs with donations in cash and kind :

Offers care to children and persons suffering from HIV, support was given  by means of monthly donations from 1999 to 2002.

ENLACE, A.C. (cleft palate)
Care for minors with cleft palate . monthly donation during 2000.

Punto de Encuentro de la Comunidad, A.C. (HIV)
Attention to persons sufering fom HIV-AIDS monthly donation during 2003.

Desarrollo Integral de la Familia, DIF (government )
 Since 1998 and continuing, we have supported the special program of cataract surgery and ocular protesis by providing for lodging and alimentary needs of the participating Doctors and nurses .

Centro Integral de Atención a las Mujeres, CIAM Cancún, A.C. (women’s attention)
It operates a shelter and an attention center for solving problems related to the protection of mistreated women and children (family violence). They have received a monthly donation since 2003 and a series of donations in kind for the organization of events.

Cruz Roja Mexicana( red cross )
It operates communitary development programs ,and attends Medical emergency and city disasters. Receiving a monthly donation since 1998. 

Centro de Integración Juvenil, A.C. (youth rehab)
Helps addicted persons. With a monthly donation during 2001 and 2002.

Medicina Casera y Auto Salud Infantil (grass roots medicine and self care for children)
Sponsorship in 2003 for attending a NGO’S course that Oasis Foundation supports monthly.

Programa de Control de Estrés (stress control program for healthcare centers)
Since 2002  we help  this program aimed at therapists and coordinators of the various institutions that work in special education.

3.- Education programs sponsoring.  

1.- from 1999 to 2002 The Oasis Foundation supported a program of academic, sports and arts scholarships.

45 Individual academic scholar scholarships
2 Literature expression scholarships.
2 Artistic expression scholarships.
4 Sports scholarships.

2.-Four state arts meetings were hosted, two on painting and two on literature, the awarded ones received scholarships, 300 teenagers and children participated in these four meetings.

3.- 4 specialists on children with auditory problems were trained in coordination with the government secretariat for education and culture and CAM of Cancun.

4.-We promoted the first diploma in special education which trained 35 specialists in the state.

5.- The refurbishment school program that Oasis foundation managed from its creation has sponsored the following works. 

    • Construction of a sports court in  technical secondary school n.22 
    • Surrounding wall for kinder garden  N. 18
    • Sanitary services for kinder garden  N. 22
    • Refurbishment of central court and the laundry of the technical fisheries  secondary school  in  Puerto Morelos.
    • Repair work of the boat of the technical fisheries secondary school in Puerto Morelos.
    • Equipment of the carpentry workshop of  CAM in Region 9.

This program requires equivalent participation on the side of parents and authorities.

6.- As part of the motivation program for distinguished merit teachers , 50 courtesies for  two persons to spend a weekend in Oasis Hotels  were  given , 25 in 2003 and 25 in 2005 to the distinguished teachers.

7.-In 2000 began an important and ambitious environmental education program in collaboration with the Association of Quintana Roo Biologists and Xcaret Group. Oasis foundation was responsible for the financing of diffusion of the whole program in all of the Secondary public schools in Cancun.

8.- In 2002 was financed the elaboration of  solid waste integral handling for the schools in Mayan Riviera, Akumal, Chemuyil city, Puerto Aventuras and Tulum.

9.- In 2004 and 2005  resources were given  for the acquisition of 800 glasses for  children of low income families under the program “seeing better for better learning” of the secretariat for education and culture. 

4.- Cultural programs sponsoring.

    • Don Quixote rides again String puppet show, shown in Cancun’s elementary schools and the Gran Oasis conference room (1999).
    • As a participation for the celebrations to commemorate 25 years of the creation of the Quintana Roo state and the beginning of a new century a theater company was constituted to play “The merchant of Venice” adapted to the 19th century Yucatan, and was performed in Chetumal, Bacalar, Carrillo Puerto, Playa del Carmen, Cozumel, Cancún y Kantunilkin having been seen by 10 000 persons in 2000.
    • Production of “Medea the play” in coordination with the cancuns “casa de la cultura” 2001
    • Sponsorship of the Spanish and Flamenco dance festival, giving all received funds to Manantial therapeutic center from 1998 to 2000) CIMA foundation 2003 , and “actuemos juntos” 2004 and 2005. 
    • Sponsoring since 1998 of  “Casa de la cultura de Cancun” with donations in kind and cash for its various programs as “science Sundays” , “Theater contest” , “cultural caravan”, and “childrens workshop children in art”  
    • 2001 Sponsorship of “Carmen” the Opera in the bullfight ring with a full house. 
    • Since 1998 we sponsor the festivals of the classical dance and ballet schools Talulah, Cima and Arteroo Danza.
    • Joint Financing with Xel Ha venture in the creation of the children choir of Cancún which is now  a self sustaining institution.  
    • Sponsorship of the “Actuemos Juntos, A.C.” artistic cultural group with a grand dance and music show performed at the Gran Oasis conference room with an attendance of 500 in 2004 and 4 photography and painting exhibitions in 2005
    • Joint Sponsorship with Actuemos juntos of “La Controversia de Valladolid” theater play performed in Chetumal, Carrillo Puerto, Cancún and Mérida.
    • Donation of computing equipment to Casa del Escritor of Cancún for the edition of their “Tropo a la Uña” magazine.
    • To celebrate 400 years of Quixote we jointly sponsored with casa de la cultura de Cancun and “actuemos juntos A.C. “a series of shows: Urban Quixote, 400 years of Quixote cultural week and production of the musical show in the bullfight ring. 

5.- Editorial Fund.

Printing of the following Books.

    • Niños Mayas maestros criollos (Mayan children criollo teachers) from Martín Ramos co-edited with  Universidad de Quintana Roo.
    • Cancún todo incluido (Cancún all inclusive); novel about Cancún, from Carlos Hurtado. Co-edited with  Universidad del Caribe and  Grupo Regio.
    • Episodios Pasados de una Entidad Futura (Past Events of a future entity) from Lorena Careaga co-edited with Universidad del Caribe.
    • Crónica Visual del Jazz en Cancún (visual chronicle of Jazz in Cancún) from Jaime Villegas.
    • Voces de Agua (Water voices)from Lía Villava, Cecilia Carranza, Olinka Ávila and Maribel Sierra.

6.- Book Launch parties.

Most important presentations by the authors of the following books.

    • La casa pierde, from renown journalist and novel writer Juan Villoro
    • Treinta años,(thirty years) from Carmen Boullosa
    • Niños mayas, maestros criollos, (Mayan children criollo teachers) from Martín Ramos Díaz
    • El seductor de la patria,(the country seducer) from Enrique Serna
    • Cancún todo incluido,(Cancún all inclusive) from Carlos Hurtado
    • Episodio pasados de una entidad futura, (Past Events of a future entity)  from Lorena Careaga
    • El reino de las islas,(the island kingdom) from Jorge Ruíz Dueñas
    • El machismo invisible,(the invisible machism) from Marina Castañeda
    • Huesos en el desierto,(bones in the desert) from Sergio Rodríguez

7.- Image diffusion program.

Advertising presence in the following publications:

      • Periódico Pioneros, Pasado y Presente de Quintana Roo.( Pioneers of Cancún periodical )
      • Revista Tropo a la Uña, Asociación de Escritores de Quintana Roo.( magazine )



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