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The Oasis Foundation: Identity
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Background: The Social Responsibility of the Company

The present situation in Quintana Roo, marked by social contrasts and enthusiastic but unprofessional involvement on the part of the public, demands an active role on the part of the business sector as a means to contribute to the solution of local problems.

The company is an economic and social cell made up of people and indebted to people. The company is part of the society, from which it benefits greatly and cannot remain apart from it. Its economic ambitions shouldn’t prevent its social role and this, in turn, should not stand in the way of the later. The only way to reconcile social and economic ends is that the company be socially responsible.

With the present world economy in which corporations run the world, a growing number of companies are incorporating social responsibility into their programs. In today’s world, corporations have a new task, not only to create wealth, but also to work with real and sensitive situations. Their functioning depends on the health, stability and prosperity of the communities where they operate, so they need to contribute to their development if they want to survive. In these times it is in the interest of a business to pay attention to the needs of all who are involved with the company: employees, directors, investors, suppliers, customers, the Government, social organizations and the community.

Every corporation should be aware of these expectations and commit themselves to satisfy them, if they want to be socially responsible. This commitment helps a company to adopt an attitude of continual improvement in business with a work plan and organization which allows them to keep their competitivity while meeting the social, ethical, economic and environmental expectations of their participants and beneficiaries.

To enable a corporation to behave with a sense of social responsibility, implies acting completely within its economic, social and environmental dimensions, in its internal and external context. To achieve this, the corporation as a whole ought to adopt an ethical role in all its actions, looking equally for:

  1. Opportunities for its employees.
  2. Development of the community.
  3. The preservation and care of the environment.
  4. To earn profits

The idea of social responsibility for a company is thoroughly ethical. It isn’t a moral question for the manager, director or owner, but it involves the corporation as a whole and not only the individual members of it. Finally, it is a reflection of the professional code of conduct behind all the company’s activities.

Therefore, the Corporative Group Oasis International has adopted a culture of corporative responsibility committed to the community of Quintana Roo, searching for a better quality of life for all the state’s population.

In accordance with the above, throughout the years it has been operating in the State of Quintana Roo, the Oasis Group has helped a variety of social programs, principally in the field of education. With time, its establishment in the community and the explosive growth of the city of Cancun caused its altruistic activities to increase and more and more people and organizations sought aid.

For this reason the Oasis Group increased its financial aid for community services slowly and steadily. Without doubt, the variety of sponsored activities, the increasing number of applications for help, and the need to evaluate the use of donated resources motivated the group to develop structures specialized in planning, administrating and evaluating its programs of community development. Therefore, on 30th April 1998 the Oasis Foundation was founded with the legal status of a civil association and with the following mission:


To strengthen the capability and efficiency of the organizations of civil and governmental status to plan, design, finance, operate and evaluate programs directed to attend the social needs in the areas of special education, education, culture, public health and the development of the community in the State of Quintana Roo.


The Oasis Foundation is known in Quintana Roo as  the most important and successful civil association in helping, strengthening and professionalizing the organizations of civil and governmental origin to help to attend the social necessities in the field of special education, education, culture, social welfare and the development of the community. It has national and international records which have allowed it to increase the impact of its programs through networks of collaboration and shared financing with organizations which share its mission.  Its programs are periodically evaluated to make sure they are in line with its operational style.


The Oasis Group has established the following objectives for its Foundation:

    • To operate as a civilly constituted organization (OSC) of a second level, or, in other words, this means that the beneficiaries of its programs are other OSC’s and not specific individuals.
    • To define clearly the social development programs which are eligible to receive help from the Group.
    • To establish the policy of selection of the OSCs which receive funding.
    • To establish a plan of planning, operation, financing and follow-up which allow the Group to evaluate the efficiency and effectiveness of its social development programs.
    • To develop institutional capabilities to help, organize and evaluate programs included in the strategies of social responsibility of the Oasis corporate Group.

Strategic Guidelines for Development

Defined from the objectives, the following strategic development guidelines have been established which govern the relationship between the FOAs and the OSCs  and the governmental organisms with a similar Mission:

    1. To increase the operating capacity and extent of services through financial help as such or technical support.
    2. To professionalize management through personnel training, the provision of equipment, the development of organizational processes, the buying of printed material and the adoption of technology to raise the efficiency and impact of programs on society.
    3. To strengthen sustainability by taking actions to diversify and strengthen its sources of external and internal financing.
    4. To increase social confidence by developing transparent programs and financial accounting.



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